hayley + keely + taj

This is a truly generous family. They’ll take you in and share their whole world with you.

Keely and Taj led the way as we wandered, built sandcastles, climbed rocks and played in the water. They showed me ‘squishies’, secret sculptures and the prettiest shells on the beach.

At Shelly beach Keely made me laugh so hard that I had to stop taking photos.

They are beautiful, genuine and funny as hell.

I may have just joined them for a tiny moment in their adventure together but a tiny moment with these guys is enough to leave you with the biggest smile on your face and a heart bursting with love, because they’re just generous like that.

You might already know Hayley from the beautiful store Little Pinwheel. If you haven’t visited it yet, I hope that you do because it’s a store that is filled to the brim with lovely things and so much heart.

Hue + Oscar + Anissa

Siblings are awesome. It’s like having your very own little team. Sometimes it’s hard when you’re growing up together. I had more fights with my sister growing up than I can possibly recall. But more often than not, you grow up; you stop fighting over toys and start to appreciate just how important your siblings are to you.

Seeing Oscar watch over and play with his younger sister Anissa is just the most beautiful thing in the world. It’s like he already understands just how precious she is and what a gift she is in his life. He’ll make sure to share toys and talks to her with the care and tenderness of a protective older brother.

Hue, you have raised the mightiest of teams and no doubt they’ll take on the world together.

steph + rick + josh

Having a child is an incredible thing. Just ask the Salters.

Or better yet, watch their eyes light up as soon as they see Josh.

What’s even more magical is seeing Josh’s face whenever he sees his parents. This little guy is such an inquisitive kid, happily discovering the world around him. But as soon as his parents come within sight he beams at them with this massive smile.

There are a lot of new things to discover in life, but for the Salters, there’s nothing more magical than family.

let the adventure begin

Roadtrips with my family were my first taste of adventure. Travelling to new and exciting places, meeting new people and hearing their stories. All the while it was another chapter in the story of my own adventure.

I spent years peering out of an office window, feeling like my real adventure and purpose was on hold. Then one day when I captured my first story on camera, everything changed.

I must have inherited it from my mum, an author, a teacher and the best storyteller I know. I want to tell the story of your family adventure. I want to capture all the tiny details, and also the big ones and maybe some moments you’ll never forget.

I would never have become a photographer, storyteller, adventurer if it weren’t for my parents. They’re the ones who guided me to seek out my own adventure. That is why I love family photography: because that’s where all the best stories and adventures begin.


Thank you for letting my adventure cross paths with yours.